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Global Product Sourcing

We create a comprehensive sourcing solution for customers seeking products around the world or in Malaysia. This approach ensures a customer-centric experience, from inquiry to continuous improvement, making your sourcing services efficient and tailored to individual needs.

1. Get Inquiries from Customer

  • Online inquiry form or customer service line to capture product needs.
  • Identify and connect with reliable suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.
  • Establish partnerships with diverse suppliers to offer a wide range of products.
  • 2. Help and Research the Product That Customer Needs

  • Dedicated research team to analyze customer requirements and identify suitable products.
  • Personalized product research and recommendations based on customer needs.
  • 3. Customized Solution for Customer

  • Tailor the sourcing process to meet individual customer specifications.
  • Customized sourcing plans, considering factors such as quantity, quality, and budget.
  • 4. Collaboration with Other Businesses

  • Forge partnerships with a diverse network of global and local suppliers.
  • Access to an extensive network of reliable suppliers, ensuring a variety of product options.
  • 5. Provide Detail in Quotation

  • We prepare detailed and transparent quotations for customers.
  • Clear and comprehensive quotations including product details, pricing, and shipping information.
  • 6. Getting Continuous Improvement from Customer

  • Establish feedback mechanisms to gather input from customers.
  • Regularly seek customer feedback to improve sourcing processes and enhance customer satisfaction.