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Large endmills are very expensive even though they can remove a lot of material. It didn’t take long for the machining industry to decide that indexable cutting tools were the better alternative because they were less expensive and it’s also as a precision cutting tools. The cutting edges of indexable tooling are detachable carbide inserts. Even so, most inserts come with a number of cutting edges that can be “indexed” into position to create a new edge. We are Top Precision Cutting Tools Distributor in Malaysia. Best Precision Tooling Supplier in Malaysia. Best Precision Cutting Tools Supplier, Providers and Manufacturer in Selangor, KL, Malaysia.




Indexable cutting tools perform like traditional cutting tools but have a tool body or toolholder that accepts replaceable indexable inserts to form a cutting edge. The inserts can be swapped out for new ones of the same type or different types without removing the tool body or toolholder from the machine. Indexable cutting tools are used on milling machines or turning machines to remove material in milling, hole making, threading, boring, parting, grooving and turning operations. They require fewer tool changes than solid tools in high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications with high speeds, high feeds and difficult-to-machine materials.



Precision Cutting Tools in Malaysia
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