Endmill Providers in Malaysia

The most important step in your metal cutting process is using your cutting tools, so choosing the best long-term manufacturing partner as your provider of CNC cutting tool solutions will be crucial to your success and profitability. As one of the top Endmill providers in Malaysia, we offer a wide range of endmill types to satisfy customer needs.

An end mill is a type of milling cutter used in industrial milling applications. It is distinguished from the drill bit in its application, geometry, and manufacture. While a drill bit can only cut in the axial direction, most milling bits can cut in the radial direction. Not all mills can cut axially; those designed to cut axially are known as end mills. Endmills are available in a wide variety of lengths, diameters, flutes and types, and are chosen according to the material used for cutting and the surface finish required for the project. End mills are the cutters of the milling world and are used for slotting, profiling, contouring, counter-boring and reaming.